LED Motion Sensor Ceiling Light | 15 Watts | Indoor

Light Source : LED
Power : 15 Watt
Led life-span : 50,000 Hrs
Color Temperature: Pure White.
Working Temperature: -25~+55 Degree C
Light Space: 6-10 Square Meters



Product Specifications:

  • Item Category : Indoor / Ceiling Lights
  • Material – Body : Iron + PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate)
  • Model Number: CE260-15X-F
  • Input Voltage : AC 85V-265V
  • Power Factor(PF) :0.92 – 0.95
  • Lam Flux: 1400 Lm
  • Lamp Luminous Efficiency :95 LM/W
  • Color Rendering Index(CRI Ra>) : 75
  • Beam angle : 120 Degree
  • CRI : >70
  • Lamp Eficiency : >90%
    Water Resistance : Yes Ip44
  • Color temperature : 4500 – 6000K(Pure White)
  • Input Voltage : AC 85 – 265V
  • Install Style: Surface Mounted
  • Warranty: 3 Years


  • Button Light Design
  • Built-in LED’s
  • Designed to add safety  to your home, this flood light is quick and easy to install
  • Suitable for illumination and beautification of home, hotel, Office, walkway, room.


Related Customer Reviews from Various Website:

Reviewed By Customer on Amazon.com :

  • Tricky install, but bright and motion activated: (Review)

I just installed this light to replace a pull-cord fixture since my closets have no wall switches. The light is great—bright and responsive to motion—but installation can be a bit tricky.

This fixture has no wires that stick out, so you’ll need to supply your own. The internal connection is nice: Just push a tab and insert the wire. There are three wire connections, but you’ll only need the outside two with the N one for the neutral wire (common). There are two holes in the back to insert these wires.

You’ll also have to drill holes in the plastic for the screws to fit into the electrical box (the inner template locations match well).

Once installed, there are four adjustments for allowing more sensitivity to motion, a longer delay, a dimming mode, and brightness. It takes some tweaking to get these right, but having these controls is nice.

Now that all that is done, my closets are better lit and the light comes on when I enter and go off a few seconds after I walk out. Just what I wanted.

The only other concern I have is that the LED panel is not meant to be replaced like a bulb, but it is big and bright and should last years. This unit is plastic so don’t expect high design. It’s simple, clean, and functional lighting. I’m happy enough that I bought a second one for my other closet.

  • Low cost low energy night lamp:(Review)

Install was more diffcult for me since the diameter of the original light fixture was much larger than the pre set holes in the new lamp. Once mounting was complete wiring was easy. Only two wires were necessary according to the instructions.
Adjusting the lamp turned out to be frustraiting and was tempted to return it believing the lamp was flawed. After two hours of climbing up and down on the ladder, I can proudly say it’s now working perfectly. Very happy.



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