Portable Emergency Rechargeable LED Flood Light with Tripod | 60W

Light Source :  LED Make Epistar
Battery : 3000 mAh , Inbuilt Rechargeable Batteries, Lithium Ion 12 V
Lumens : 1600 – 2000 L
Lighting angle: 15°/30°/45°/60°/90°/120°
Range : 3- 50 Meters(Optimum)
Controls and Dimming:2 Modes slide Switch (Strong/ Medium)



Product Specifications :

Item Category : Outdoor / Camping / Emergency Light
Material – Body :  Aluminium
Product Color : Yellow
Type Of Cell : Lithium Ion
Charge Type : Standard
Charger Type: AC and Car Charger
Color Rendering Index: (Range):75
Beam angle : 120 Degree
The level of rotation Angle : 360 Degree
Water Resistance : Yes Ip65
Color temperature : 2000K – 3000K
Charger Voltage : AC85 – 265V
Output Voltage : DC 12V
Color Designation / light Color : Warm White Day Light – 30W
Led Hours : 50000 Hours
Work Time: Charging
Number of Bulb : 1

Application/Usage : 

  • Suitable for many 12V DC applications, including:Boat cabin lighting.
  • Caravan lighting,Truck & trailer lighting.
  • Industrial (forklift, bulldozer, earth-moving equipment)lighting.
  • Hunting, camping & outdoor lighting,Off-road driving.
  • Construction lighting,Mining lighting,Garden & exterior lighting.


  • Adjustable stand
  • Rubberised handle
  • Hardwearing design
  • IP54 rated for outdoor use
  • Choice of 2 Mode Slide Switch: Strong/Medium (3~5 levels options available)
  • Quality die-cast Alum. case material
  • Built with 8pcs LED for super brightness1w~3w LED light option available
  • Long lasting and maintenance free rechargeable 3000mAh
  • Automatically turns on when power is cut during charging
  • Warning flash on the product case for low battery
  • Battery Dual Protection (Over-charge & Over-discharge)


Related Customer Reviews from Various Website:

Reviewed By Customer on Amazon.com : (Review)

  • Well designed LD worklight system:

This just arrived today, and I was being prepared to send it back because of all the misleading lies about wattage, “equivalent wattage”, lumens, etc. associated with LED lights. So far this has been a real surprise! The two fixtures are very heavy duty ( a little heavy). They’re permanently mounted to a crossbar (with tilt & swivel) which has feet so the lamp duo can be set up on the floor without the tripod. Each has its own switch, but you can’t separate them because of a common Y-type power cord. They plug directly into a 120 AC outlet — no separate dangling transformer. If you want to use the tripod, the mounting bar SECURELY clamps to the tripod top. Two telescoping sections rigidly hold the lamps anywhere from about 2′ to 6′. One leg of the tripod is extendable, so you can level it on uneven surfaces; maybe even on stairs (haven’t played with it yet). And the legs fold UP completely against the upright so it can be stowed on a shelf. My previous model had to be stood on the floor, taking up valuable footprint space.
Oh, and did I mention, this is Very Bright! I bought it on impulse (thanks, Amazon) because I’m doing some painting, and you just can’t easily find the spots you missed until later (sometimes, MUCH later). With no heat, like my old halogens, you can get it right near the surface to look for those spots. (those dismal photos are enough to make you look elsewhere – don’t know why they included them).

  • It is a very solid unit with a nice wide tripod base

Purchased this light 2 months ago.It is a very solid unit with a nice wide tripod base.It’s heavy which generally means that it’s well built .The height is just over 6 feet tall and the cord is longer than I had expected.The latch is a bit cumbersome to engage but holds the light heads securely.The only thing that concerns me somewhat is that when you leave the cord plugged in and the lights are in the off position, 75% of the led’s are very dimmly lit.It seems to be that some current is passing thru somehow.Hopefully this doesn’t shorten the life of the led’s as this unit is 3 times the cost of a halogen light stand but should be substantially better in the long run.Halogens get very hot, aren’t as efficient and the bulbs blow out rather easily.


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